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Minority Ethnic Police Association

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Dorset MEPA is first and foremost a support Network consisting of minority ethnic  Police Officers and Police Staff, Special Constables and Volunteers of all ranks and grades from across the force. We also have a number of associate members who have an interest and commitment to furthering the aims of the Dorset MEPA. MEPA supports the Force's commitment to having a workforce representative of the community we serve.

Dorset Minority Ethnic Police Association (MEPA) has been in formation since July 2007.

We work in conjunction with:

  • Dorset Police Diversity Development Manager
  • Dorset Police Diversity Officer
  • Dorset Police Human Resources Manager
  • Race Equality Council.


MEPA has a seat on:

  • Employee Relations and Diversity Board.

  • Strategic Management Board and the Positive Action Group.

MEPA is also building relationships with the Black Police Associations of other Forces in the south west region.

The term "minority ethnic" or "black" is one that emphasises the common experience and determination of people of African, African-Caribbean, Middle-Eastern, Asian or Asian sub-continent origin to oppose the effects of racism.


Dorset MEPA objectives are:

  • To ensure a visible presence and a voice for ethic minority people in the work place
  • To deliver a people focused work environment ensuring that people are motivated, supported, respected and valued
  • To provide information, education and practical assistance to Dorset Police staff in delivering services to the ethnic minority community
  • To maintain links with the National Black Police Association ensuring  that good practice is applied within Dorset Police
  • To ensure the force stays focused on issues affecting ethnic minority staff
  • To boost confidence within the ethnic minority community that Dorset Police is an open, inspiring, trusting and fair organisation and one that actively encourages people from the community to be part of one team one vision
  • To review and audit Dorset Police business processes to ensure that opportunities to reflect the issues affecting ethnic minority groups are included
  • To boost public confidence within our communities by listening, understanding, informing, protecting and keeping our communities safe 
  • Support the aims and objectives of the National Black Police Association


MEPA Executive Committee – Profiles

ArrowLorna Gallimore - MEPA Chair >

ArrowShyrose Allibhai - MEPA Vice Chair >

ArrowKitty Smith - MEPA Secretary >

ArrowAnita Taylor - MEPA Treasurer >

ArrowLex Spooner - MEPA Executive Member >